Blood Tracking Dogs of Texas
The Turkey Buck
Story written by: Scott Thrash
  With so little blood, I knew I'd need help to find this one. I called a friend and asked him to post a message on the He was trying to leave for his own deer lease at the time, so I asked another friend to retrieve the info from Death Wish's post for me. A little while later, I was chatting with Jeff. Although he was in Dallas at the time, he was headed my way. Said he'd probably be there around 5:30 p.m. I asked if the blood would be too old to track by then and he assured me it wouldn't. After the familiar sinking feeling I had about the possibility of losing another buck this year that was music to my ears!!

When 5:30 rolled around, Jeff arrived on time as promised. With him were Trapper, a wirehaired dachshund, and his lovely wife, Cathie. As soon as he pulled up and rolled down the window, I knew his dogs were ready to go. I could barely hear him over their howling, whining & barking. To say they were excited would be an understatement! It was apparent these dogs live for this stuff.

Jeff put Trapper on the spot the buck had first bedded down on. Within moments, Trapper set off on a beeline in the direction I had seen the buck go. It was as if someone was suddenly reeling him in. Jeff struggled with the check cord as Trapper yanked him along. As we entered the dark tangle on the neighbor's property, I turned my flashlight on and did my best to keep up.

Under, over, around and through the brush and fallen trees we went. Occasionally I'd catch up enough to watch the ground whiz by on each side of the check cord dragging behind them. Every now and then I'd notice a splotch of blood go by which confirmed we were on the right track. This was getting exciting!

As we proceeded, dozens, if not hundreds, of startled turkeys flew from their roosts above us. A few hundred yards in now, I began to wonder how the deer made it this far. About that time, we heard the familiar thud of hoof beats just ahead. Trapper started to whine. Jeff said, "there he is!" As he held the flashlight on him, I finally finished the buck off. I was elated and so was Trapper! I thought that little dog was gonna rip Jeff's arm off!

Jeff explained that Trapper's typical reward was to chew the hindquarter a bit. He warned me not to grab the deer during Trapper's reward unless I wanted to get bit. Hell, at that point, Trapper could've chewed the backstraps & tenderloins out of the deer for all I cared. I was just thankful this one wasn't lost!

We walked up on the deer and Trapper immediately went at it. While he was enjoying himself with a mouthful of deer butt, I began wondering why this buck had so much "ground shrinkage." After pondering the whole situation all day long, I think the buck grew in my own mind. Maybe that was it, or maybe it was because although legal, I shot him in less than perfect lighting conditions. Maybe it was because it was the biggest deer I'd had an opportunity at since early October. Maybe it was a combination of all 3. Regardless, I've about decided that I need a second place to hunt. One with some older age class whitetails roamin about. South Texas and Mexico have spoiled me. Anybody know where I can find a deer lease ? (j/k)

After dragging the buck out with Jeff’s assistance through what seemed like 16 miles of hell on earth, we breathed. After a quick personal check, I was relieved that I was only soaked from sweat and the only blood on me that was mine was one little scratch on my arm caused from running hell bent through the devil brush. We breathed some more. Once I gained some wind again, Cathie took a few pics.

In summary, I certainly don't look this gift horse in the mouth. I'm thrilled to have found the buck, and I owe it all to Jeff and Trapper. Simply outstanding! Both of em!! It was great to finally meet y'all, and meeting Cathie was just an unexpected bonus! Thanks again for your assistance and generosity! God bless ya and Happy Rut!