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Trapper at the end of the trail
This was a 600-yard training track. It was 14 hours old and a heavy down pour came through. Trapper had some trouble on the graded ground where the blood was washed down hill but finished the track.

Team Work

Man and Dog have been hunting partners almost since the start of time. I remember when I was big enough to tag along rabbit hunting with my Dad and our family pet Tammy, a standard dachshund.  Tammy would locate a rabbit in thick brush then wait for my dad to get into position before entering; she would almost always flush the rabbit where my dad had a good shot. They were a team both knowing what the other one’s job was and they executed it with near perfection. Oh and I had a job to do as well, I was the rabbit retriever.

Training Tips

Types of Blood Collecting Blood Hides & Legs Laying a Blood Line


Types of Blood
I use mainly deer blood but have used hog blood as well. There are several different methods to handle and dispense the blood but the following is what works best for me.
Collecting Blood

I always carry a small plastic butter container and several 1-gallon size zip lock freezer bags. I use the butter container to dip the blood out of the body cavity and place it in a bag. Get all the blood you can even the coagulated blood. I then place that bag into another one to help prevent mishaps. Once home I place the blood in a blender to liquefy the coagulated blood (it will not re-coagulate). Note: Go buy a cheap blender for this purpose; it may save you some bruises and abrasions from your wife if you try to use hers. Then pour the blood into half pint Mason jars and freeze until needed. It is a good idea to label them with the type of blood (deer, hog, etc.) and date.

Hides and Legs
Hides and Legs: I usually will cut a deer hide into quarters roll them up tight and place them in a 1 gallon zip lock freezer bag and freeze. I also use legs removed at the knee and store the same as the hides. Note: If you can not obtain these, go to a deer-processor, they will let you take all the legs you want but may charge you for the hides (around two bucks).
Laying a Blood Line
I use picnic ketchup/mustard squeeze bottles which you can buy at just about any grocery store. I found it is easy to control the amount of blood dispensed from a drop to a stream with these bottles.