Blood Tracking Dogs of Texas
Kendall Collier
Jessie’s first hog at 5 months



One of the greatest joys I have in hunting is using a working dog.  For 25 years I’ve always had one or more Labrador Retrievers for use with doves and ducks.  I would occasionally use them to track wounded deer.  Tracking with dogs has always been an interest of mine but until now it was just something I did for myself and a few friends during bow season.  Last March (2005) I bought my first dog dedicated to tracking from Maurice Chambers in Sabinal, TX.  I have known Maurice for many years and when he offered me a pup from his litter of 75% Black Mouth Cur crossed with 25% bulldog I jumped at the opportunity.  I have been working with “Jessie” for 8 months now and she has amazed me time and time again.  She and my 6 year old Chocolate Lab (who has been in training with her) have turned into great trackers.  They really do love the job. 

If you’re within reasonable driving distance from Spicewood (near Austin) and need a deer or hog tracked – they and I would be thrilled to help you out.  All I ask is help with gas and a donation for dog “maintenance” if possible.  We’ll track when available.  I use tracking bells and illuminated collars and GPS, so nights are no problem.  Give me a call at 512-626-1652 or email me if you need help or have any questions



Learning about the wet stuff at 3 months