Blood Tracking Dogs of Texas

Written by: William Grantham



I wanted to tell you about "SCOOTER".

 The Mountain Cur is a very active working dog which needs a lot of daily exercise. This breed enjoys outdoor activities and sports. The Mountain Cur is bred for its working ability. It is a stocky, rugged, working dog with a genuine, though somewhat generic, cur appearance. The heavy coat tends to be longer than that of the hounds but still basically short.

 Trailing ability varies with strains, but they have enough nose to follow game and many carry treeing ability. Some lines are bred for tree dogs and others for baying. This very tough large game, raccoon, and squirrel hunter is willing to face a squealing razor back or an angry wild cat when it is cornered. They have a strong desire to please their master. Very protective of the property and family; sometimes can be over-protective. The Mountain Cur is noted for his courage. This hunting dog will catch a mad bull head- on the nose and will hold his ground even against a bear when threatened.

Scooter is a two and a half year old Mountain Cur and is making a polished tracker.  Last year he found 11 out of twelve deer I put him on.

I raised him from a pup and for many years have used labs but this breed is a great size and has a lot of grit.

I have found it usually takes about four years to have a finished dog but Scooter is entering into basically his third season and I am looking for great things from him.

This breed has worked so well for me I am in the process of looking for a good female and begin to breed.

William Grantham

Starkville, MS.