Blood Tracking Dogs of Texas

Written by: Dennis Luton


The Jagdterrier (also known as the German Hunt Terrier) is a versatile hunting breed that was developed in the Bavarian region of Germany in the 1800's.  The Dog Breed Information Center describes them: 

          Bred to be hunting and sporting dogs, German Hunt Terriers possess a spirit of liveliness and speed at work, yet are regal at rest.  Alert--athletic--and active-- describe the ambience of the German Hunt Terrier.  A bit of fire is always evident in its expression.   

There is indeed an element of regal dignity within the character and disposition of Jagdterriers.  Their confident demeanor carries over into an outward almost-cocky appearance---clearly indicating that this is a dog that is not intimidated by anything.  They are athletic and agile, and tough enough to slow down the nastiest bear or wild boar!  They can be trained at an exceptionally early age which really cuts down on the time that it takes to produce a proven blood trailer. As a matter of fact, training for a Jagdterrier usually begins at about 10 weeks.   So as soon as a pup is able to get out and run around the yard, it is time to put it to work on some blood. 

Jagdterriers are a people-friendly---becoming loyal companions for life.   But with a very strong hunting drive they demand regular exercise and plenty of outdoor activity, so they should not be purchased simply as pets.  The Jagdterrier has the nose, the savvy, the desire and the grit to trail any species of wounded game animal regardless of whether it is a deer, a feral hog, a bobcat or an African Kudu.  They are remarkable hunting dogs that are an absolute pleasure to own!     



Three Month Old

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