Blood Tracking Dogs of Texas
The Texas Blue Lacy

Written by: Marlo Riley



Blue Lacy dogs are used all over the USA for tracking wounded game, search & rescue work and more.  They were bred to have a great nose, strong prey drive, and intelligence.  These are key components for blood trail dogs to possess.  Blue Lacy blood trailing abilities include, running scent lines and winding game when no blood is present.  They can be worked on or off lead successfully.  When off lead some handlers use a bell or train their Lacy to bark and stay with the game until they arrive.  This works great in the thick Texas brush.


Back in the mid 1800’s in the Marble Falls, TX area, four Lacy Brothers developed this all around working dog to help meet the needs of rugged Texas life.  They needed a tough dog that could help them find, round up and drive livestock.   When their ranching duties were done, these pioneers would then use these same dogs to retrieve their fowl, tree varmints, bay hogs or find wounded game, all in a days work. 


Today’s Blue Lacy’s seem to have it a little easier, but still can drive into these tasks with endurance and drive.  There are many great breeders and handlers to thank for this.  They are as strong today as they were back then.  The Lacy Brothers would be proud.


In May of 2005, the State of Texas recognized and honored the Blue Lacy’s rich heritage and all around working abilities by naming them the State Dog Breed of Texas. 


Blue Lacy can be blue, red, or tri in color.  The red and tri colored Blue Lacy’s are not blue, but hold the blue color genetic gene.  They are medium in size ranging from 18 to 23 inches in shoulder height.  They have a sleek, tight coat with white markings on chest and toes.  Very low maintenance dogs.


Thank you,


Marlo Riley

Lacy Family Descendant


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